Monday, February 12, 2007

No Fear Coalition Announces May Conference

The No Fear Coalition is holding a conference on Capitol Hill-- Cannon Caucus Room on May 15, 2007. Afternoon workshops will take place at the Library of Congress across the street from the US Capitol. Training will be provided at the conference and there will be an awards dinner after the workshops.

No Fear stands for Notification of Federal Employees Anti-Discrimination and Retaliation Act. Marshs Coleman Adebayo is chairwoman of the coalition and executive director of the No Fear Institute, where Rev Walter E. Fauntroy is chairman of the board. The No FEAR Institute, P.O. Box 68, Glen Echo, MD 20812, 1-888-478-4439.

Photo: President Bush hugs Mrs. Adebayo in the Oval Office at the White House after signing the "First Civil Rights Law of the 21st Century."


Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. Adebayo,

I have researched you websites and found them to be extremely hopeful regarding discrimination and reprisal (as a form of punishment) I am encountering. As you are aware discrimination is like double jeopardy. The victim is punished while being subjected to the discrimination (in the workplace) as well after the fact for bringing the situation to the light.

However, I have implmented stress strategies as an effort to eliminate the possibility of health failure.

If possible I would be very obliged and appreciative of an opportunity to further exhale what I have been subjected to thus far with the Federal Government (Dept Army).

In a nut shell my civil rights have been violated to the point where I was going to resign due untolerable (biased)working environmet. However, I have been reassigned to finally perform the job I was originally hired to do.

I have filed an informal complaint, and attempted mediation. Contrary to belief the Agency I work for refuse to acknowledge what I have been subjected to (including current reprisal actions). The Agency in question wants to sweep the situation under the carpet (to protect the employees who should be held accountable).

Personnel have intentionally: destroyed government invoices deliberately to prohibit me from completing my suspense dates, with held instructions and information regarding assignments, unable to perform my assignments due to Windows XP Account locked, etc..(Must I go on)...

During the entire ordeal I must say it has made me stronger, because I have had my moments of fighting back the tears ("only to reply "I have a cold").

I only have my credibility to stand on, therefore I refuse to erase the unethical behavior and actions. It is my goal to ensure the the truth flourish and prevail so that juistice and equality for all is enforced.

I enjoy the benefits and perks associated with civil service employment,but I refuse to: continue to allow the dimeaning and unethical gestures (racial epithets), or negotiate my integrity and education.

It is like an oxymoron..."We are told to strive for excellence", but at the end we are never afforded an equal opportunity - due to racial supremacy.

Discrimination is rampart in the Federal Government, and this will not change until we refuse to remain silent. The only other injustice worst than bigotry is silence.

In closing, I am an extremely dedicated and self motivated employee. I strive for excellence daily. I am not boastful and always willing to lend a helping hand. Most times I am not even noticed as I am extremely focused on my assignments.

I have a great employee record (currently) that speaks for itself. My deadline to file a formal complaint is approaching soon (Friday) you have any advice you can share with me through your experience of discrimination...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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