Thursday, September 6, 2007

Virginia Tech Ethanol Project Model For HBCUs?

Virginia Tech's agricultural research center near Fredericksbug is examining the feasibility of using switchgrass as a substitute or supplement to corn-produced ethanol. Unfortunately the technology for producing cellulosic ethanol has not been perfected. Converting the sugars from switchrass and other cellulose to alcohol is a harder process than using corn or sugarcane. Switchgrass is not eaten so it will not drive up the price of food the way corn-based ethanol appears to be doing. (Wash Post)


Anonymous said...

When you talk about environmental justice, would your group also examine what has happened in the mostly minority community of Tallevast in Manatee County, Florida? They have been exposed for years to an underground toxic plume from a former beryllium plant and it is taking WAY too long for the local, state and federal government to help them - and the corporations, well forget about it. There's a reporter at the Bradenton Herald who can tell you all about it; Her name is Donna Wright, and she can put you in touch with Laura Ward and Wanda Washington, the community advocates fighting the brave battle for their neighbors. When I think of environmental justice, I think of the injustices being done in this poor community.

Anonymous said...
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