Tuesday, December 4, 2007


ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE A New Peer-Reviewed Quarterly Journal will be launched in the Spring of 2008. Call for Papers on: human health and the environment, occupational health, science and technology, land use, public policy, urban planning, legal history as it pertains to environmental justice, sociology and anthropology of environmental health disparities.

Environmental Justice will focus on the legal challenges threatening and adversely affecting our health and well being, especially minority and low-income populations. These challenges will continue to grow as more attention and social responsibility is directed toward redressing inequitable environmental practices and hazards. Legal challenges and lawsuits to ensure prevention of harmful policies, projects, and developments are within its purview, as are issues of compliance and enforcement, activism, and corrective actions.

Environmental Justice is a law journal but it extends to industry and public policy. Legal challenges abound, in both the public and private sectors. Studies that demonstrate the adverse health affects on populations who are most subject to health and environmental hazards are pertinent, as well as the complicated issues inherent in remediation, funding, relocation of facilities that pose hazardous risk to health, and selection for new locations. Questions of legalities in relation tothese concerns will be anticipated and discussed.

Environmental Justice will be published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR MANUSCRIPTS TO THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF FOR CONSIDERATION FOR THE INAUGURAL ISSUE NO LATER THAN JANUARY 10, 2008. There will be a web-based manuscript submission system up and running by January 1 (seewebsite above ) or you can submit your papers directly to the Editor-in-Chief at: drswashumuc@aol.com

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