Saturday, December 12, 2009

John Rosenthall On WSFA News 12 in Tuskegee, Alabama

National Small Town Alliance

Assists With Tuskegee Development Project

WSFA News 12 Reporter Melissa McKinney

Interviews John Rosenthall

Rosenthall: "As the community prospers so does the university."

McKinney: "He's working to restore cities with historically black colleges and universities."

Rosenthall: "The parents really don't want to carry their kids to a school where there's a problem in the community."

McKinney: "Tuskegee is first in line for a facelift."

Rosenthall: "We could have gone to a lot of other places, but they're not as well known as Tuskegee."

McKinney: "Community leaders and students are tossing around ideas like building renovations, downtown design, and clean-up. If those ideas become Tuskegee's master plan - then the real work begins. "

Rosenthall: "We don't have any money to work with and my theory is that once we put together a great plan, once we put together the people to make this work, it will be our job to find the money."

(WSFA 12 News, Tuskegee, Alabama)

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