Friday, October 7, 2011

EJ IWG Releases Community Resource Guide

Environmental Justice Interagency Working Group (EJ IWG) Releases Community Resource Guide and Interagency Directory

The community resource guide includes programs within agencies that may assist communities in reducing toxic exposures. The program may provide technical assistance, federal funding or a combination of both technical assistance and federal funding. Through this and other efforts, federal agencies are recommitting to improving the health and sustainability of communities across America.

Community-Based Federal Environmental Justice Guide (PDF)

The interagency directory provides basic information about the role of the federal agencies contained in this publication including their organization chart and key contact information for agency program areas.

Environmental Justice Federal Interagency Directory (PDF)

In addition to these resources, a compendium on federal strategies, policies, guidance documents and work plans for implementing the Executive Order 12898 is also available on the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) website at IWG Compendium.

For more information about the EJ IWG visit:

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