Monday, August 20, 2012

EPA Region 4 EJ Conference

EPA Region 4’s 2012 Southeast Regional Environmental Justice Conference theme was, “Promoting Environmental Justice through Effective Education, Collaboration, and Mobilization”


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4, Office of Environmental Justice hosted the Regional Environmental Conference on August 16-17, 2012. The conference was held at the Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center in Atlanta, GA. The conference goals are:
  1. To develop tangible solutions to address environmental, health, and social impacts affecting communities with environmental justice concerns;
  2. To educate the attendees on the environmental, health, and social impacts affecting communities with environmental justice concerns; and
  3. To provide networking opportunities for environmental justice leaders and organizations.
Over 150 people, representative of all stakeholder groups, attended the conference and built relationships that will benefit their communities and promote sustainable growth. Workshops and sessions were led by experts in their field. Conference Schedule

This conference promoted environmental justice by:
  • Identifying the presence and impact of health problems in environmental justice communities;
  • Increasing stakeholder understanding of the public health impacts of unequal distribution of environmental pollution;
  • Helping stakeholders to identify their problems, develop and implement creative solutions and share project success stories;
  • Identifying tools and strategies environmental justice organizations can use to sustain themselves once federal and state funding have ceased;
  • Using environmental justice, within each state, as a theme to build partnerships with state and local government officials, community groups, academics, industry and others; and
  • Providing technical assistance, such as grant writing training, to help stakeholders advance their environmental justice efforts.
Although the federal government has taken measures to ensure environmental equality, an effective strategy must incorporate perspectives from a diverse group of impacted stakeholders. This conference promoted education, collaboration and mobilization among environmental justice community groups; environmental organizations; federal, state and local government officials; academic institutions; and other interested stakeholders to help us all better identify and implement solutions for communities that are most overburdened by environmental pollution.
Communities, States, Local Businesses, Colleges, and Universities in GA, AL, MS, TN, KY, FL, SC and NC

Alabama Department of Environmental Management
Cardno TBE
Center for Sustainable Communities
DIRTT Environmental Solutions
Emory University, Office of Sustainability Initiatives
Green Group Holdings
MDB, Inc.
Restoration Services, Inc.
Spelman College
U.S. Climate Action Network
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Secretary for Health
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service

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Equation for Force said...

These type of conferences and meetings just gives assurances,they do nothing in realistic manner.Environment pollution has become a big problem now days.We have to take some strong measures against it.