Monday, September 17, 2012

EPA’s Building Blocks for Sustainable

Learn about technical assistance available through EPA’s Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program

On Friday, Sept. 21, join EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities for an overview of free technical assistance available to communities through EPA’s Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program. This program provides short-term, targeted technical assistance to help communities implement smart growth development approaches, such as creating a green streets strategy, linking land use to water quality, or conducting a walking audit.

This webinar will focus on assistance available directly from EPA and from four EPA grantees:

ForTerra, Project for Public Spaces, Smart Growth America, and Global Green. Participants will learn about the types of assistance available and how to apply. EPA’s call for letters of interest will be released the day before this webinar. This round, EPA will be offering assistance to help local governments and community organizations support equitable development. Assistance recipients will learn about locally relevant approaches to provide housing and transportation choices for residents of all income levels, preserve and strengthen diverse local businesses, enhance access to jobs, and ensure that revitalization is fair and inclusive.

Webinar Details Friday, Sept. 21, 2012, 1:00-2:30 Eastern

No pre-registration is required. Call 1-888-850-4523. Participant passcode: 719661.

This conference has a maximum audio capacity of 299 callers, so participants may wish to share lines.

• Please test your computer prior to attending the meeting 

• The Connection Test checks your computer to make sure all system requirements are met. If you pass the first three steps of the test, then you are ready to participate in a meeting.

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