Saturday, December 2, 2006

Ben Goldman Coauthored "Toxic Wastes & Race" 20 Years Ago

Unheralded in the environmental justice movement, Dr. Benjamin Goldman, right, coauthored this historic document two decades ago with Charles Lee. Other coauthors included: EJBlog Note: The authors of the original report include: Shelley D. Hayes, Esq, Larry J. DeNeal, Ph.D. M.P.H., Iris W. Lee, M.P.H., Vernice Miller, and Judy F. Richardson, William B. Oliver.

In addition to his work as an artist, Ben Goldman has had an extensive and wide-ranging career as an activist, public policy expert, author, and entrepreneur. His doctorate is in public administration, and his work has led to a landmark First Amendment judicial decision (Federal Election Commission v. Political Contributions Data Inc., 943 F.2d 190, 2d Cir. 1991), a Presidential Executive Order (No. 12898 in 1994).

He has organized communities and interest groups across America for more than two decades in roles including grassroots leader, political candidate, professor, co-founder and director of several national and local organizations, and consultant to dozens of governmental, non-profit, and for-profit establishments. Since turning full-time to making art, his advocacy work has focused on building arts organizations and helping communities where he lives and works

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