Wednesday, April 18, 2007

EJ 2007 Conference Judged a Complete Success

The wrap-up conference call among conference stakeholders and organizers included a post-conference evaluation. The consensus was that the conference was a complete success. In fact, in many categories the conference exceeded expectations. Although the electrons of the atom were praised, the nucleus of John Rosenthall and Melinda Downing were lauded for their success in the face of numerous challenges. This proton and neutron team kept the atom stable and functioning properly. The group almost broke out into 'Kum Ba Ya.' The back slapping was merited.

Discussion proceeded to plans for the 2008 conference. A permanent structure was announced to sponsor annual environmental justice conferences. This is refreshing news because a decade is too long to wait. Hopefully, there will be expanded cooperation for future success because the issue is vitally important to America.

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rotsamuck said...

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