Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Unbelievable: The Washington Post Covers Environmental Justice

Of course, The Washington Post environmental reporters did not cover environmental justice. Evidently they think it is beneath them. Cindy Skrzycki, regulatory and business columnist for Bloomberg News wrote the story. In an article entitled, "Environmental Justice Stalled, Report Finds," Ms. Skrzycki described the conclusions of the latest United Church of Christ report, "Toxic Wastes and Race at Twenty."

Many of the authors of the original report participated in the EJ 2007 Conference, but Washington Post environmental reporters were nowhere to be found. Washington Post environmental reporterrs stay as far away from environmental justice issus as possible. However, if an owl sneezes in a Utah wildlife preserve, they are all over it. Thank you Ms. Skrzycki for doing their work for them. They usually leave it up to the Black reporters at the Post to cover environmental justice.

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