Thursday, February 28, 2008

Los Angeles Times Blog Covers Environmental Justice

In an article entitled, "Environmental Justice: Going Green's Not Just For Yuppies and Hippies," the L.A. Times Blog writes:

"... the number of environmental justice activists is growing and getting louder. Of course, this means some growing pains for the environmental movement at large. Most recently, a number of Californian environmental justice groups launched a campaign against carbon emissions cap-and-trade programs, over concerns that such programs would impact negatively the communities that are already disadvantaged. Many established environmental groups are not against cap-and-trade programs, as these carbon reduction programs are most politically feasible than carbon fees.

Still, the environmental movement's already showing a willingness to pay closer attention to environmental justice concerns. The Sierra Club, for example,
released a statement concurring with some of what the environmental justice groups said: "We share many of the concerns of the EJ groups regarding pollution trading, like possible hot spots, loopholes and windfall profits."

Of course there are other points of view.

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