Monday, February 11, 2008

Smart Growth Assistance and Achievement Awards

Smart Growth Implementation Assistance: Apply now. Deadline May 8, 2008. There are many distressed communities (urban or rural) that needtechnical assistance. The 2008 Request for Applications for Smart Growth ImplementationAssistance is now open. It will close on May 8, 2008.

National Award for Smart Growth Achievement: Deadline April 7, 2008 PLEASE NOTE: The category of "equitable development" is featured again this year. This category was first featured in 2006, and we need more applicants for this category. The best way to showthere is increasing interest in equitable development as a public policyissue is to apply. Carlton EleyU.S. Environmental Protection AgencyOffice of Policy, Economics, and Innovation (1807T) 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20460 Email - eley.carlton@epa.govph - 202-566-2841fax - 202-566-2868. This competition is open to public-sector entities that have used smart growth principles to improvecommunities environmentally, socially, and economically. For the first time, private-sector entities may apply this year in two of the five categories. Smart growth development practices support national environmental goals by preserving open spaces and parkland and protecting critical habitat;improving transportation choices, including walking, bicycling, andtransit, which reduces emissions from automobiles; promoting brownfield redevelopment; and reducing impervious surfaces, which improves waterquality.This year, applications will be accepted in five categories:

· Overall Excellence in Smart Growth (open to public-sector entitiesonly)
· Built Projects (open to public- and private-sector entities)
· Policies and Regulations (open to public-sector entities only)
· Equitable Development (open to public-sector entities only)
· Colleges, Universities, and Medical/Hospital Research Institutions (open to public- and private-sector entities)

Interested parties are encouraged to submit applications for smart growth policies, projects, or programs that have shown significant activity between April 7, 2003, and April 7, 2008. Successful applicants will have used smart growth principles to create places that respect community culture and the environment, foster economicdevelopment, and enhance quality of life and public health. Up to five winners will be recognized at a ceremony in Washington, DC, in November 2008.

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