Saturday, May 3, 2008

Abstract: Building Community Capacity

Title: “Building Community Capacity through Environmental Education and Outreach Activities”

Abstract: Too many low income and underserved communities are impacted with environmental hazards, and community members are eager to understand what’s in their communities and how these hazards are connected to their health. The Environmental Justice Partnership (EJP) is a non-profit grassroots community organization which has evolved from being a research project to becoming a 501(c)(3) organization. The EJP’s mission is to build community capacity through conducting environmental education and outreach activities. These activities include venues like Chat & Chews, Toxic Tours, Community Research Advisory Boards, EJP Newsletters, EJP Day at the Market, Educational and Outreach Products developed with students from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and partnering with the Baltimore Region Environmental Justice in Transportation Project. These venues increase communities’ ability to become knowledgeable about environmental hazards while embracing true partnerships with researchers in all stages of the research planning, execution and dissemination of the findings.

Leon C. Purnell, President
Environmental Justice Partnership, Inc.
Baltimore, MD

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