Friday, May 23, 2008

Conference A Complete Success

This second annual conference is a complete success. Everything is running smoothly and conferees are enjoying the information workshops and the dynamic networking. The State of Environmental Justice in America Conference has now institutionalized the once a decade People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit. The State of EJ annual conference provides the perfect symbiosis of public and private sector evaluations of current environmental justice public policy issues with real world community problem solving.

Although there has been talk about establishing such a vehicle for annual oversight for years, John Rosenthall and the State of EJ in America Conference planning committee have actually implemented an institution that was highly recommended by environmental justice activists and government agencies. The conference brings together people who need to meet with each other at least once a year. Everyone seems to agree that relationships are renewed and innovative solutions contemplated during the four days of the State of EJ in America Conference. We do not know what will ultimately come from these annual conferences, but we do know that the creative genius of some of America's most talented individuals now has an outlet for expression.

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