Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 3: Plenary Sessions & Congressional Luncheon

Plenary - USDA Equitable Environmentalism
Edmund Gee, U.S. Forest Service
Beattra Solomon Wilson, U.S. Forest Service
Session Manager: Pat Jackman, U.S. Forest Service

Plenary- Environmental Justice at DOE Sites
Stephanie Owens, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Gerald Boyd, Manager, Oak Ridge Site Office
Vincent Adams, Manager, Portsmouth Site Office

Plenary - Environmental Health Issues in Indian Country
Derrick Watchman, Watchman & Associates
Jerry Pardilla, National Tribal Environmental Council
Stacy A. Bohlen, National Indian Health Board
Perry H. Charley, Dine’ College
Session Manager: Karyn Collins, U.S. Department of Energy

Congressional Closing Luncheon A Discussion on Health, Energy and Jobs
Dr. David Rivers, Medical University of South Carolina
Presiding: The Honorable Donna M. Christensen, U.S. House of Representatives, D-Virgin Islands
The Honorable Donald Payne,
U.S. House of Representatives, D- New Jersey, 10th District
The Honorable Judy Chu (invited),
U.S. House of Representatives, D- California, 32nd District
The Honorable G.K. Butterfield (invited),
U.S. House of Representatives, D- North Carolina, 1st District
The Honorable Emanuel Cleaver (invited),
U.S. House of Representatives, D- Missouri, 5th District
The Honorable Charles Gonzalez (invited),
U.S. House of Representatives, D- Texas, 20th District
Closing Remarks

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