Friday, May 14, 2010

Purpose of the EJ 2010 Conference

John Rosenthall

John Rosenthall
EJ Conference, Inc.

Environmental justice requires fair treatment and meaningful involvement for all in environmental decisions and actions. Fair treatment and meaningful involvement are four words with plain and clear meanings when taken at face value. However, when combined into terms and applied to issues related to environmental actions, they assume different meanings in different quarters for different people.

This session will feature a moderated environmental justice conversation that will discuss the application of fair treatment and meaningful involvement from different interests and perspectives. It addresses questions such as: How can environmental justice and economic development co-exist? How can we improve relations between communities and industry, communities and government, and government and industry? What are examples of model environmental justice activities? What have been the major accomplishments of Executive Order 12898 on Environmental Justice? Has the Executive Order improved matters in environmental justice communities? Are the Federal agencies committed to implementing the Executive Order? Is business and industry committed to environmental justice? What are the most significant environmental justice issues facing the country?

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