Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dr. Mildred McClain Questions NEPA Panelists

Dr. Mildred McClain attended the 2007 EJ Conference along with an entourage of other South Carolinians that included youth and community activists. Dr. McClain is pictured at right asking a question to panelists at the session "Environmental Justice and Environmental Impact Assessments."

Mildred McClain is Executive Director of Citizens for Environmental Justice, Inc. and the Harambee House, Inc in Savannah, GA. Citizens for Environmental Justice delivers environmental education and information to African American and low-income communities. The Harambee House is a community center which focuses on political, socio-economic and community empowerment. Her education includes Ed.D. and M.A. degrees from Harvard Graduate School of Education;, and an M.A. from Antioch Graduate School of Education Administration.

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