Saturday, March 31, 2007

Michelle Hudson Demonstrated Her Logistics Wizardry

Michelle Hudson, right, handled every logistic imaginable at the 2007 EJ Conference. Low keyed and fierce, she assured that the conference ran smoothly. No detail was too small and no challenge was too large for her to handle. If the conference was The Matrix, she would be Trinity. If the conference was Alien vs Predator, she would be Sanaa Lathan. If the conference was The Terminator, she would be Sarah Conner. While John Rosenthall was being Neo, Hudson was saving him.

Michelle Hudson is a Public Participation Specialist for the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). She shuns the spotlight and prefers the practicality of logistics wizardry, but do not be mistaken, the conference could not have been successful without her.


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Anwalt für Erbrecht said...


It was a good job done by here in presenting that nice stuff. She had contributed lot to the success of the conference.