Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Environmental Justice 2007 Conference Coordinator

John Rosenthall is coordinating the State of Environmental Justice in America 2007 Conference scheduled for March 29-31 at the Howard University School of Law. Everybody in Washington, DC and throughout most of America knows Mr. Rosenthall, but for those somewhere in the world unfamiliar with who he is - here is a little information.

John Rosenthall is a dedicated husband and father. He is a lawyer. He is an environmental justice advocate with more than two decades of experience in this area. Mr. Rosenthall is a consuiltant and has provided valuable services to government agencies, universities, other institutions and industry.

John is not calling this conference a historic event - even though it is unprecedented in bringing together a unique grouping of stakeholders, including government, NGOs, insitutions of higher learning, industry and other individuals. He also does not consider himself to be some kind of legend. He is simply going about the business of methodically organizing a very important conference to address extremely important environmental justice issues.

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