Friday, March 30, 2007

Ike Leggett and Jack Johnson Talk Environmental Justice

John Rosenthall, center, escorts Leggett, left, and Johnson, right to the dais.

Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson and Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett spoke at the Friday Plenary Session, "Intersection Between Environmental Justice and Local Land Use Planning & Zoning."

The two county executives represent about 2 million people and they gave real world examples of the environmental justice problems they face. Interestingly, Jack Johnson represents the richest majority African American county in the country. He still gave examples of land and air pollution problems that plague the area. Mr. Leggett defended open spaces and agricultural reserves in his county. He compared any plans for building affordable housing in protected areas in the county to building them in Central Park in New York.

Not in My Term of Office (NIMTO) was highlighted by Robert E. Stein, Chair, ABA, Section IRR and law school dean Kurt Schmoke described BANANA NIMBY (build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything, not in my backyard).

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