Friday, March 30, 2007

Sessions Packed at 2007 Environmental Justice Conference

All of the sessions at The State of Environmental Justice 2007 Conference are well attended. In many cases, the sessions are standing room only. The attendance at this conference shows the great hunger for more environmental justice activities. People from all over the country are ready to work towards implementing practical solutions to seemingly intractable environmental justice problems. Hopefully, this conference will be a catalyst for a sustainable effort against environmental injustice.

The photo above shows one of the health sessions in the President's Suite. So many people attended the session that it had to be moved from the President's Suite to the 400-seat Moot Court. A similar situation occured with the nuclear power session. A sample of health session topics included: "Merging Environmental Justice and Health," " State of Environmental Justice and Its Impact on Children's Health," United With the Community to Recognize and Address Environmental Injustice in the Workplace," "How Race and Ethnicity Shape Perspectives on Cancer Clusters," among others.

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